Tone Zone

Virtual Active
Virtual Active will be installed as part of the Tone Zone refurbishment

The Tone Zone fitness suite at Francis Scaife Sports Centre has this year undergone a refurbishment. During refurbishment, the Tone Zone has been redecorated, had its carpet replaced and had 22 brand new pieces of the latest equipment installed.

The new Matrix equipment replaced older equipment which is out of warranty and was coming to the end of its operational life. The new equipment includes brand new treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, weight training machines, dumbbells and weights benches.

As well as being able to watch TV and listen to your iPod on the machines, a new feature gives customers a choice of locations they can run or cycle through, from the streets of Hollywood to tracks around the Grand Canyon. This new feature is called Virtual Active and was first installed on equipment during the recent refurbishment of the Tone Zone at Driffield Leisure Centre, where it received great feedback from customers.

Darren Jackson, Senior Facility Manager, said “Refurbishing the Tone Zone here at Francis Scaife is great news. The new equipment looks great and we look forward to being able to offer an improved service to our customers.

"The Virtual Active equipment is a great innovation that customers will really enjoy. You don’t realise it at first, but when you are running up a track in the Rocky Mountains the treadmill follows the gradient of the path you’re following on the TV screen. It’s a really invigorating workout.”

During the closure of the Tone Zone, additional exercise classes will be available to all customers and we apologise for any inconvenience these improvements may cause.